Into the Woods

Vlad Noland as Narrator
Sarah Odle as Cinderella
Josh Kimball as Jack
Sara Barnett as Jack’s Mother
James Repp as Baker
Portia Goodin as Baker’s Wife
Elise Wheaton as Cinderella’s Stepmother
Anna Purcell as Florinda
Rachel Dunning as Lucinda
Jeff Watts as Cinderella’s Father
Maggie O’Neill as Little Red Ridinghood
Angie Fisher as Witch
Page Madison as Cinderella’s Mother
Clayton Goodman as Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf
Lawrence O’Neill as Mysterious Man
Anna Ploegman as Granny
Nora Benedict as Rapunzel
Vinny Segretario as Rapunzel’s Prince
Kyle Franklin as Steward
Meili Couch as Giant
Peighton Young as Snow White
Tannaz Pourboghrat as Sleeping Beauty
Hannah Borowitz as Milky White

Courtney Self - Director
Kara Gregory - Musical Director
Chris Morehouse - Conductor
Ron Naverson - Scenic Designer
Danielle Reaves - Costume Designer
Christine Jacky - Lighting Designer
William Snyder - Asst. Scenic Designer
Jessica Johnson Frohling - Stage Manager
Chris Morehouse - Conductor

William Bryant - Flute/Piccolo
Paul Petrocelly - Clarinet
Joseph Ryker - Basoon
Jessica Drake - Horn 1
Audra Fuhr - Horn 2
Jeanne Millikin - Piccolo Trumpet
Jon Poquette - Trumpet
Terrence Mayhue - Percussion
Metiney Suwanawongse - Violin
Stephinie Daly - Viola
Alex Francois - Cello
Walter Lewis - Bass
Laurie Lewis - Keyboard
Derek Hamblin - Synthesizer

Development and Design by Splattered Ink