The Secret Garden

Brittany Sheffer as Mary Lennox
Julia Stemper as Lily
Benjamin Murrie as Archibald Craven
Brian Murphy as Dr. Neville Craven
Adam Cannon as Colin Craven
Larissa Cook as Martha
Justin Rojek as Dickon
Lucas Bethel as Ben Weatherstaff, Lt. Wright-Shaw
Ginger Shepard as Mrs. Medlock
Lydia Kruge as Rose
Caleb Varns as Albert
Laura Gillespie as Alice
Erika Ritzel as Claire Holmes
Zach Hampson as Major Holmes
Kelly Dorsey as the Fakir
Richie Brown as Carriage Driver

Leah Gillespie
Faith Bafford
Jessica Bailes
Patty McCann
Tessa Pelias
Emily Weldin

Mary Boyle - Director
Elizabth Byassee-Shore - Vocal Director
Mark Mikulay - Conductor
Cathy Fields - Asst. Director/Stage Manager
Yasine Moharreban - Asst. Stage Manger
Brandon Belzer - House Manager
Ruth Dougherty - Costumer
Frances Swedlund - Scenic Artist
Justin Meredeth - Tech Director
Barbara Gillespie - Costume Asst.
Nancy Stemper - Executive Producer
Julia Stemper - Producer
Ben Murrie - Producer
Aaron Paoucci - Sound Technician
Pat Immel - Lighting Designer
Susie Murrie - Ticket Manager

Katy Johnson
Tim Yau
Jeanine Rice
Robby Hopkins
Ezekial Johnson
Amber Leslie

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