Beauty & The Beast

Paige Saliba as Belle
Carl Herzog as Beast
Dillon Heape as Cogsworth
Benjamin Ponce as Lumiere
Ragan Capps as Mrs. Potts
Emily Fink as Chip
Justin Kimball as Gaston
Travis Westbrook as Lefou
Michelle Ford as Babette
Bryce Graham as Maurice
Katie Beyke as Wardrobe
Lawrence O’Neill as Mr. D’arque

Josephine Beyke
Laura Childs
Kaylyn Gimber
Jacob Hays
Katelyn McKenzie
Annie Pittman
Bethany Ransom
Joanna Shaffer
Bonnie Stuck
Carmen Chapa
Angie Fisher
Daniel Hansen
Joshua Kimball
Sarah Beth Odle
Anna Purcell
Christopher Reynolds
Shakeia Harper-Smith
Timothy Wessel

Lori Merrill Fink - Director
Chris Morehouse - Conductor
Deanna Luetkenhaus - Costume Designer
Jeff Luetkenhaus - Set Designer
Christopher Jorandby - Lighting Designer
Nancy Stemper - Producer
Emily Dennis - Student Producer
Kit Ryan - Assistant Director
Cody Rennison - Student Tech Crew
Elisah Stewart - Student Tech Crew
Jenny Holcombe - Stage Manager
Deborah Climo - Asst. Stage Manager
And the MSP Technical Staff

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