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The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale (BGCC) and Carbondale Community Arts (CCA) are seeking artistic workshop proposals that develop community pride and enhance a positive sense of place for the residential neighborhoods that make up Carbondale’s total community. Workshops will take place in select Carbondale locations between October 2015 and April 2016 as part of “Here We Live,” a joint program of BGCC and CCA that is being undertaken with major support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Proposed workshops may utilize any media (or combination thereof) and should each be designed to involve 15-20 community participants who will be guided to express their individual and collective view of community (Here We Live) through creative pursuits.

Workshop activities may take place in 1-5 sessions and should result in a work product (mural, sculpture, performance, film, dance, etc.) representing that shared vision. These works will be displayed/performed/shared at the “Here We Live” community festival to take place on the Boys and Girls Club campus on April 30, 2016.


Program Goals

The goals of this initiative are

●      to broaden access to interactive and multi-generational arts experiences;

●      to give creative voice to residents of the neighborhoods  and other-defined “communities” in Carbondale;

●      to explore how a community affects those who share it and to expand our means of expressing our sense of place; and

●      to build bridges outside our normal circles of engagement.

The Southern Arts Fund is a Community Arts Access Program administered by Carbondale Community Arts with major funding support from the Illinois Arts Council Agency. Additional financial support for the program is provided by the City of Carbondale and by institutional and individual donors throughout the region.

Each year the Fund distributes tens of thousands of state and local dollars in program grants each year to individual artists, arts organizations, and schools throughout the southern twenty-six counties of Illinois. Since 2001 more than 200 grants have been awarded to area schools and to organizations like the African American Museum, the Southern Illinois Children’s Choir, the Grand Chain Civic Club, the Jackson County Stage Company, and the Southern Illinois Irish Festival.

2018 Application Early Deadline November 3, 2017 

Final 2018 Application Deadline: January 15, 2018


Downloadable BUDGET SHEET



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