Southern Arts Fund 2018 Timeline

September 15, 2017               Applications forms available. Distribute FY 2018 applications to individuals and organizations on contact list and regional libraries including full year timeline and explanation about procedures. Send press release.


January 8, 2018                      Public Grant Writing Application Workshop,

CCA Artspace 304, 304 W Walnut St, Carbondale, IL, time TBD

                                                Grant writing technical assistance also available by appointment


January 15, 2018                    Application Deadline- All completed applications must be submitted electronically, postmarked, or in person by this date.


January 25, 2018                    Panel review


February 5, 2018                    Board Approval


February 13, 2018                  Award Notification


February 26, 2018                  Press release – grant awards


August 31, 2018                     Project Completion Deadline


September 30, 2018              Final Report Deadline

                                   (Individual reports due within 30 days of project completion)



Requests submitted outside regular timeline may be reviewed only under extraordinary circumstances.

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